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Working Together


Digital Adoption Platform

  • Recipient of over 30 Industry Awards

  • WalkMe Raises $207.5 million

  • WalkMe secures $40 million in Series Funding

  • The Singapore Economic Development Board invests $10 million in WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform to expand the startup in the Asia Pacific region.

  • WalkMe has now raised $217 million in total 

  • Recognized as ‘Hot 100’ list on JMP Securities’ List of Privately Held Software Companies of 2018

  • 2,000 corporate customers

  • Over 30% of the Fortune 500 companies

  • Seven offices in the US, Europe and Asia

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    We offer the WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) to organizations looking for a simple and effective way of getting employees on board with new technology instantly. Founded in 2011, this Digital Adoption Platform was designed to make systems adaptable to users, by guiding, engaging and automating thereby enabling users to work with and use technology faster and more efficiently. As such, we offer a way to instantly simplify user experience by driving users to action with visual clues and strategically placed content customized to your software platform.

In a nutshell, we:


  • Make interfacing with digital systems easy for everyone

  • Allow your enterprise and your employees to keep pace with the speed of technological innovation and transformation

  • Provide an effective means for support, training, and promotional purposes

  • Simplify your organization’s digital assets for the overwhelmed employee

  • Work across platforms across industries and verticals   

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